US Army Reserve Center, Peterson AFB, CO

Tehama Scope of Work:


  • As-Builts Preparation


Construction of a new 170 member, 40,264 SF reserve center on a 15-acre site. Project scope of work included: 30,660 SF Training Building and Unit Storage Area (provides administrative, educational, assembly, library, learning center, arms vault, weapons simulator space, and physical fitness areas for Army Reserve units; building operations are comprised of a Network Operations Center (NOC), mechanical room, electrical room, communications room, and janitor’s closets/rooms; the training building also contains an assembly hall with a fully equipped, attached kitchen); 9,604 SF Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS) with unheated storage (features of the OMS include 24’ wide doors, 6 vehicle maintenance bays, tool and parts storage, flammable materials storage, and controlled waste disposal); 2,350 SY of organizational parking; site work, site utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric), grading, storm water drainage, paving, roadways, sidewalks, fencing, heat and drought tolerant landscaping, seeding, mulch, and site restoration.