47th Wilderness Road and Intersection, Fort Carson, CO


Tehama Scope of Work: Environmental Design



In spring of 2011, storm events caused unexpected erosion and drainage problems resulting in damage to the Tank Trail and adjacent hillside, and turbid stormwater discharges from the area. The turbid, sediment laden water was discharging into a tributary of U-Ditch, a Jurisdictional Water of the U.S. on Fort Carson. Additionally, large quantities of sediment were washing onto the trail resulting in excessive trackout by military vehicles using the trail. Our Project Team analyzed the conditions, determined the source of the environmental issues, and brought the necessary Government and installation personnel together to examine the issue.


As the environmental issue was escalating with each storm event, our team quickly put together a proposal, including design, for a new rip rap ditch to run in between the two sides of the tank trail. The rip rap ditch would lead to a drop culvert diverting treated runoff into the U-Ditch Tributary. Rip rap armored shoulders and erosion control measures on the hillside were added to protect mitigate further damage in the area. Although this project was completed months prior, our team provided immediate response and assistance to the government, and offered a turnkey solution to this environmental mitigation issue.