War Hawk Fitness Center Addition, Lackland AFB, TX

Tehama Scope of Work:


  • Architectural Design, Documentation and Administration
  • Consultant/Subcontractor Coordination
  • As-Buillts
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)



Tehama, LLC provided complete Architectural design, documentation and administration, and consultant/subcontractor coordination for all trades. This project was constructed by Komada, LLC, a member company of the Nomlaki Toolbox of Companies. Komada, LLC carried the prime General Contract for construction, and hired Tehama, LLC for design. The contract is Design-Build with 50% design, 95% design, and final As-Builts. A partial NTP for construction was issued upon approval of the 50% design to include all work that was shown in the 50% design. This was done to expedite the construction phase.


Tehama, LLC utilized Revit Architecture Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology for all phases of this project. This tool allows the client and end users to view realistic presentations of the design and to make changes before the start of construction - As the project had multiple tasks and subtasks, utilizing 3D BIM saved time and reduced project cost challenges in this tight budget.